Build the immersive in game marketplace you've been waiting for.

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Create an ecosystem that you own and control.

No need to disrupt gameplay with third party marketplaces anymore. Use the ChainSafe Gaming marketplace building kit to make something that looks and feels like your own.

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Get ahead of the curve

Build your marketplace in one day.


Open Web3.unity in Unity

Download from gaming.chainsafe.io


Drag & drop

Marketplace building kit


Follow documentation

5 simple steps


Finish it off

Deploy your marketplace

Seamlessly blend in-game and web experiences to captivate your audience like never before.

Craft your in-game marketplace with ease using our web dashboard.

Accessible inside and outside of your game

Earn royalties on sales

No Solidity or smart contract knowledge necessary

Easy web-to-Unity import

Case Study

Read about how we built a marketplace for Echelon.

Echelon Parallel case study

1000+ games are building with ChainSafe Gaming

Highly customizable to your game's design

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Change your marketplace design to suit your game visuals

Simple step-by-step documentation

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All steps are listed out in super simple language in our SDK documentation

Reliable tiers of support

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Contact ChainSafe support via Discord or work with us to have a dedicated support line

Use ChainSafe's web marketplace to mint, organize and promote your NFTs